Design room

Wondering to change your lights to energy-saving LED because of the times for LED….
However, would you simply change to LED from current lighting bulbs?

Our professionals do provide optimized plans and suggestions for your lightings to be exchanged. We offer full support from planning of lighting design and spatial design to its installation.

Proposing life-friendly and safe Akari

The main purpose of light is to illuminate a place to see things but the important point is arranging the certain degree of light needed while accommodating safe and comfortable environment for the people.
Our expert consultants with full of experiences will give you the best solution of necessary lighting arrangements for your needs.

Proposing spatial lighting design & stylish and smart space design

Stage lighting, exhibition lighting, illumination, space lighting such as hotels and restaurants…
By sharing with our client’s images and needs, our experienced consultants will provide the best solution.

Proposing eco-friendly LED /
better ecological lighting

It does not mean that LED replacement to every lighting equipments is the best way to save energy. It is important to select the best match of equipment and LED light from various lighting products in the market.
Our experienced consultants will be able to find your best match of energy saving lighting combination.

LED installation
/ Creating spatial design fit for the actual site

Our professionals will do installation work on the site.
They examine the installation site carefully based on characteristics of Installation equipment and they will make it possible to produce the optimal AKARI space.

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